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Wonders of the Invisible World, Knopf, to be released in Fall 2015


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Essays and Creative Nonfiction

“The Boy Who Went Forth” Brothers and Beasts, (Ed. Kate Bernheimer), Wayne State University Press, October 2007

“Mahoning Valley Blues” New Haven Review, November 2010

“All the Cows I’ve Ever Known” New Haven Review, November 2010

“Salt Springs” New Haven Review, November 2010

“To Be Worked Out” New Haven Review, November 2010

“The Feral Houses of Youngstown, Ohio” New Haven Review, November 2010

“In a Forgotten Valley” New Haven Review, November, 2010

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  • Reprinted in Car Bombs and Cookie Tables: The Youngstown Anthology, Belt Publishing, Fall 2015

“The Town That Went Away” New England Review, March 2013


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Witnessing Magic: Kelly Link’s Stranger Things Happen, Strange Horizons, 2001

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The Whole Story and Other Stories: Ali Smith’s Bisected Vision, The Modern Word, October 2004

The Closing Window, The New Labor Forum, Spring 2011


Kant: For Eternal Peace, Sogosha Books, November 2007

As Editor

Interfictions 2, with Delia Sherman, Fall 2009

Interfictions Online, with Meghan McCarron and Sofia Samatar, Spring 2013 to Present

Awards and Honors

2014 Shirley Jackson Award Winner for Best Collection (Before and Afterlives)

2014 Nebula Award Finalist for Best Novelette (“Paranormal Romance”)

2013 Million Writers Award Finalist (for “Invisible Men”)

2010 Nebula Award Finalist for Best Novelette (“Map of Seventeen”)

2009 Nebula Award Finalist for Best Novel (The Love We Share Without Knowing)

2009 Locus Award Finalist for Best Fantasy Novel (The Love We Share Without Knowing)

2009 James Tiptree Jr. Award Finalist (The Love We Share Without Knowing)

2008 Indiebound Notable Book (The Love We Share Without Knowing)

2008 The Crawford Award Winner (One for Sorrow)

2008 Nominee for the Great Lakes Book Award (One for Sorrow)

2008 Locus Awards Finalist for Best First Novel (One for Sorrow)

2008 Winner of the Spectrum Award (“The Language of Moths”)

2007 Nebula Award Finalist for Best Novelette  (“The Language of Moths”)

2006 Locus Award Finalist for Best Novelette (“The Language of Moths”)

2004 Finalist for the James Tiptree Jr. Award (“The Other Angelas”)