inter1.jpgI’ve certainly been writing a lot about anthologies that are out or that are coming out in the near future recently, and here’s another one, Interfictions, due out next month from Small Beer Press.  It has a gorgeous cover, and the editors, Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss, have gone above and beyond and around and over whatever borders they had to cross in order to gather together a collection of narratives that will provide readers with an example of what the Interstitial Arts Foundation has been referring to as “interstitial” writing for the past few years.  Now a new blog for the anthology has appeared, including an interview with the editors as part of its contents, as well as links to the online presences of its contributors.  I’m one of those contributors, and happy to be included in this launching of a barometer (not a movement) that intends to engage with and recognize works of art that fall between traditional (and in some cases, abitrary) marketing categories. 

As a writer who’s been publishing for the past seven years in the realms of the Speculative Fiction publishing industry, I find it easy to see that even within that one category alone there are so many sub-genres, modes, and movements that exist and move within (and sometimes outside of) the borders of the term SF.  Lifting our heads above the treetops even a little more will prove to reveal that even the broad SF border is one that we often impose on ourselves, rather than seeing it as a conversation with all of literature–with all of the arts–in general.  Hopefully this will be the first of many projects the Interstitial Arts Foundation has planned for the future.



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  1. Niall Avatar

    Reading that interview, I think I start to understand the allergic reactions some people have to “slipstream”.

  2. Christopher Barzak Avatar
    Christopher Barzak

    Niall, has reading the interview made you allergic to the term interstitial, or has it made you understand why others seem to be allergic to the term slipstream because of flaws they perceive in that term? Either way, I’d be interested to know your thoughts behind your reaction.

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