Back again

I’m back from the Sycamore Hill Writing Workshop, held in the mountains of North Carolina, where I was with eleven really awesome writers critiquing each others stories for the past week.  There was much fun:  dancing, singing, playing a silly game of Dungeons and Dragons, talking about writing and publishing, doing yoga, hiking, giving a really confidence-boosting reading of the first chapter of One for Sorrow to the group of goldsmiths that were staying in the lodge across from ours (really sweet people), etc.  I’m totally exhausted from it all, but loved every minute of it.  The stories everyone brought were amazing, and I can’t wait to see them all living and breathing in publication some day.  Pictures from the week can be seen in my flickr page (linked in the sidebar).

Now it’s time to catch up with all the things I let go here at home for the past week.  I’m in a new apartment now–pictures of that to come soon, too, so I’m settling in to a new space.  A really nice new space.  I have an entire little room in it for my office, so I can’t wait to finish a story in it.  That will make moving in feel final, I think.



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  1. Beth Adele Long Avatar

    Sycamore Hill looked like fun (of course)!

    And the new space sounds wonderful. Enjoy settling in, and I look forward to seeing new writing emerging from the new office. 🙂

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