As of today my online journal Meditations in an Emergency is five years old.  Wow, how time really does fly, as they say.  One of the things I like about journals is looking back once enough time has passed to trace the outlines of where I’ve been and where I’m going.  Five years ago I was in graduate school and apparently clubbing it up every, ohhh, other day of the week. Four years ago I was graduating from graduate school and not really sure what I wanted to do next.  Three years ago I hopped an airplane to Japan and had two of the best years of my life relearning how to be a human being.  A little over a year ago I came home again with my first novel sold to Bantam Books.  I spent the past year or so settling back into home here in Ohio, and there are more good things on the horizon.  I am about to become a homeowner, believe it or not, in what for me is my total dream house–a brick Tudor in the historic district here in Youngstown, complete with ivy growing up one wall and leaded glass windows and a beautiful keystone design around the entryway and a little wrought iron accoutrement here and there.  The house is on Outlook Avenue, which feels just right to me at the moment also, as I look forward to the next few years and what they’ll bring.  More on that real soon.  But mainly I want to say that despite not everything in life being exactly perfect, you can still make a pretty happy life for yourself if you know who you are and what it is that you want your life to be.  The view from where I’m at right now looks pretty decent, though I’m sure there’ll be lots to contend with along the way.  It’s been five years of ups and downs and turnabouts that were completely unexpected.  I suppose that’s life in general.  And stories in general.  At least the good ones.  Here’s to looking forward to the next five years, which I’ll most likely be jotting down here from time to time as usual.  Cheers.






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  1. chance Avatar

    Congrats on the new place!

  2. Beth Avatar

    Congrats on becoming a home owner. I have another place to stay when I visit! I am missing the Y-town crowd as Halloween approaches. I wonder when I will be back… Thinking of you! 🙂

  3. fusakota Avatar

    Honto ni honto?
    Anata no futsuu no seikatsu ni
    Buona Fortuna!

    Ouchi hayaku misete ne!

  4. Meghan Avatar


    i love houses.

  5. Steve Berman Avatar

    Wow, homeowner. How cool. Glad to see life continues on a merry, dizzying upswing for you!

  6. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Thanks everyone! I’ll have pictures up when the deal is finalized. Don’t want to jinx it any more than I may have just by mentioning it, but it looks like there shouldn’t be any problems! 🙂 Beth, we miss you too! Come back! Come back! I’ll have plenty of space for you and Kevin! Steve, definitely merry, and an upswing, but it’ll definitely be a new thing, owning a home, and will probably come with all the headaches that I hear other people complain about when it comes to owning a place. On the other hand, I also feel like the money I pay for renting will at least now go back into my own pot, so to speak, rather than someone else’s. That’s a really nice feeling, I can tell already. 🙂

  7. strangerhere Avatar

    Can’t wait to see the pictures. It sounds very idyllic!

  8. Karen M Avatar

    (Whoops, that was me. Forgot I had that old empty wordpress account kicking around.)

  9. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    It’s very storybook house to me. If inspection passes on Wednesday, I’ll have pics up then! 🙂

  10. Steve Berman Avatar

    The important part is that, despite all these crazed developments, you continue writing. Which, I am confident, you shall do.

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