The Love We Share Without Knowing

I mentioned in a post the other day that I had more good news to share, and today it was announced.  My second novel will be coming out from Bantam Dell again.  Very excited, and very very happy that I’m working once again with Juliet Ulman, the editor who worked with me on One for Sorrow.

From Publisher’s Marketplace:

ONE FOR SORROW author Christopher Barzak’s THE LOVE WE SHARE WITHOUT KNOWING, pitched as Murakami meets Dan Chaon, set in Japan, in which the lives of several strangers — including a Japanese suicide club survivor, an American teacher of English whose lover was killed in 9/11, and a man mysteriously struck blind — are gently linked and interwoven by love and loss and fate, to Juliet Ulman at Bantam Dell, by Chris Schelling at Ralph M. Vicinanza (NA).



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21 responses to “The Love We Share Without Knowing”

  1. Tim Pratt Avatar
    Tim Pratt

    Woo hoo! That’s wonderful!

  2. Dave Schwartz Avatar

    Yay!! That’s great news 🙂

  3. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Thanks guys!

  4. fusakota Avatar

    あなたにはここのところ、毎日(まいにち)Big News があるみたいね?






  5. Craig Avatar


  6. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Thanks, Okaasan! It’s true, lots of good news in this place lately! And though “Omedetou” is an overused phrase like you say, thank you! Take care of that dropping jaw, though, ok? 😉

    And thanks, Craig!

  7. Jason Erik Lundberg Avatar

    Wow! Big congratulations, Chris! Yay, w00t, and so forth!

    Btw, Colleen sent me a copy of One for Sorrow when she was running her contest, and I’ll be getting to it sometime soon.

  8. omnip Avatar


    and also WOO!

  9. David Moles Avatar

    Wooo! おめでとう indeed!

  10. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Thanks J, Trin and ありがとう、David!

  11. Hannah Avatar

    Bravo, man. Sounds fantastic.

  12. chance Avatar

    huzzah! congrats!

  13. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Thanks, Hannah! Thanks, Chance!

  14. Nathan Avatar

    That is an absolutely beautiful title. I can’t wait to read it. I’m currently about a third of the way through One For Sorrow (another great title, by the way), and all I can say is I’m green with envy, man.

    You’re off to a great start. I can’t wait to see what you do next, and next, and next …

  15. Steve Berman Avatar

    My, my, I can only imagine what book will be “the third time’s the charm” for you 🙂

  16. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    I’m glad you like the titles, Nathan! And thanks. I hope I can keep this boat motoring along. 🙂

    And thanks, Steve. I’ve begun a third one, but I keep getting ideas for other books that could quite possibly pull me away if I’m not careful!

  17. Beth Avatar

    That’s wonderful! Once it gets translated into Japanese, you will have a reason to come visit us. Yay!

  18. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Most definitely, Beth! But you should still come back here in the end! 😉

  19. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Woo hoo back atcha, Ben-ben.

  20. anonymom Avatar

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it.

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