The house on Outlook

The house passed its inspection with mostly flying colors today. There are some little things we’ll have to do, but mostly just routine maintenance stuff that had gone undone as the house had been empty for a good part of the past year. So it looks like I’m a homeowner for sure now. It looks like a storybook house to me. I can’t wait to move in.  I’m going to make the room above the front door into my office.  And you might not be able to see it, but there’s a really cute old fashioned mail slot beside the door where the mail will be delivered into the house itself.  All the windows are leaded glass.  It’s the sort of house that, when I was a little kid, always made me think of the gingerbread house in Hansel and Gretel for some reason.







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  1. Alan Avatar

    Cute! I can see you writing away in one of those second floor rooms.

  2. Ellen Datlow Avatar

    It’s such a pretty house. Nice. Congratulations.

  3. Karen M Avatar

    Dear god, Chris, it’s huge! And totally a gingerbread house. Youngstown RULES!

  4. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Thanks, guys! And, yes, Youngstown does rule, Karen! (Although I can show you pictures of other houses and neighborhoods which might change your mind, we’ll stick with the positive). I’m really happy I’m able to be one of the people coming back into it to re-inhabit and put my back into the revitalization efforts. I’ll post more pictures as I get them. I’m thinking Before/After. The carpet in this place, for example, is kind of blah. But it has gorgeous oak underneath it. And the bathroom tile was painted over, but underneath it is art deco lavender tile. Heat gun and scraper, here I come.

    I may even put in a small vegetable garden in the back yard. There’s plenty of room. It’s been a while since I had my hands in soil, and it will give my grandma a chance to come out and help plan it with me. I think she’ll like that.

  5. Tyler Avatar

    Chris, you’ve gotta be right around the corner from us!? Look forward to seeing you here tomorrow.

  6. Karin Avatar

    I love it! Congratulations! It does look gingerbready. 😀

    And guess who picked up a copy of One For Sorrow from her local Chapters last week? 😀 VERY EXCITED to be reading it in final draft after all this time.


  7. Jody D. White Leon Avatar
    Jody D. White Leon

    Oh Honey!!! I love it!!!! Can’t wait to take advantage of your hospitality.
    Missing you as always,
    jody in Japan

  8. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Hey Tyler, yeah, right around the corner! But you know, I’m feeling like an idiot because I said I was going to try and come to your place tomorrow night and I have to go to Barnes and Noble for a book club’s discussion of One for Sorrow! I totally blanked on that. I’m so bad at dates, especially now when I have a bunch of them to keep track of. I’m sorry!

    Thanks, Karin! And you have to write and tell me what you think of the final draft once you’ve finished! 🙂

    You are always welcome to come and hang in the Yo at Chez Barzak, Jody D! Can’t wait to show you the place someday. 🙂

  9. fusakota Avatar






  10. Hannah Avatar

    It’s ginormous! And very handsome. Congratulations.

  11. Steve Berman Avatar

    Now that is a very sweet looking house! Congrats. You’ll have to send around the snail mail address and move-in date so your fans can send you housewarming tokens of joy.

  12. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Thanks, Hannah, thanks, Steve!

  13. Gwenda Avatar


  14. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    There is a finished room in the basement with a bar and pool table. I’m putting in a karaoke system and hanging a disco ball immediately. I think we can hold Wiscon right here, so bring yourselves over at some point Gwenda! 😉

  15. Lucy Avatar

    Forget H&G and gingerbread houses, which, if I recal correctly, was home to a rather psychotic cannibal. It’s a happily-ever-after cottage.

  16. anonymom Avatar

    A very inviting new home. Settle in and enjoy.

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