World Fantasy Convention

So there are apparently only two bus shuttles on Thursday going from the Albany airport to the World Fantasy convention, one at noon and one at six p.m. My flight comes in at 12:42, so apparently I am supposed to wait in the airport for five hours until the second bus arrives. So if there is anyone out there who is driving to World Fantasy Con, and could possibly swing by the Albany airport to pick up a hitchhiker, give me an email. I’d really appreciate a ride if someone is able to give one. Thanks.






4 responses to “World Fantasy Convention”

  1. Karen M Avatar

    Sweetie. You’re going? Did I know this? I won’t be there on Thursday, but I’ll be there the next day. See you soon, yay!

  2. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Yeah, I’m going, I didn’t realize you were going either! Yay! I’ll be flying in Thursday, but from the looks of it, by the time I get to the hotel you probably will be too. 😉

  3. fusakota Avatar

    How about Le Guin-san’s “Changing Planes” of existence for 5 hours at the airport?

  4. Karen M Avatar

    Well, the shuttle doesn’t seem to run on Friday at all, if I’m reading the WFC website correctly, so if you’re still stuck at the airport on Friday we can share a taxi 🙂

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