Home again

I’m back home from World Fantasy Convention. Four things I have decided:

1. Flying by airplane is my great annoyance. I wish I could teleport to wherever it is I want to go.

2. I will always, always, read the chapter “Dead is Dead is Dead” whenever I have a completely adult audience at future readings of One for Sorrow. (Thank you Meghan and Karen for suggesting it!)

3. I want more upscale restaurants in Youngstown where I can eat roast venison on asparagus and spiced pumpkin puree, or curried rabbit. Of course without my publisher, editor or agent with me, I’d never be able to afford such dining, so perhaps I should want my publisher, editor or agent to move to Youngstown and then more upscale restaurants to open.

4. I am really fortunate for all sorts of things.

And now off to recover lost sleep…






7 responses to “Home again”

  1. Steve Nagy Avatar

    Wow … this is quite and early post. Glad you got home all right. Nice to meet you finally. And you’re right … “dead is dead is dead” was a great chapter to read. 🙂

  2. Meghan Avatar

    yay sex scenes!

  3. Steve Berman Avatar

    Glad you had a very good time at WFC. If you have any juicy details, please feel free to email them to me… I need to live vicariously, remember.

  4. Derek Avatar

    Chris! The reading was fantastic (albeit at a ridiculous hour — but maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing as I think everyone was in fine spirits being nice and sauced by that time :P). Good times indeed.

    Great to meet you.

  5. Chesya Burke Avatar

    It was great meeting and sharing the bus ride with you, Chris. The long trip seemed so much shorter with great conversation.

    And you’re right, that was a great scene to read.

    Drop me an email when you get the time.

  6. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Thanks Steve, Meg, Derek and Chesya. Chesya, I’ll give you an email real soon. It was a real pleasure to share the time lag with you! And Steve B., I am a perfect gentleman, so of course I have no juicy details, and am unsure of whatever you might mean by such phrasings.

  7. Steve Berman Avatar

    I think the biggest Fantasy you have written is that you are a perfect gentleman! 😉

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