I am sick. Have been for the past three days. I’m coughing so much, my lungs hurt. I have medicine, but this cough refuses to let go of me. If I could shake it, I think I’d actually feel normal. Half of my energy goes into just producing the coughs. I have managed to fix good meals in the past few days though. Tonight was Japanese ginger pork with steamed green beans and rice and black sesame. Lots of green tea. I’ve got to beat this icky flu/cold thing if I keep eating things like that, right?

Despite all the sickness, I have finished grading student essays and fiction portfolios, and will be ready by mid-afternoon tomorrow to turn in final grades and then finish up an application for a job I’m hoping to land next year. Hopefully by end of Tuesday, I’ll be ready to officially start my winter break. And then on Thursday I’ll be heading to New York City for a week, where I’ll do a radio interview with Jim Freund on WBAI’s Hour of the Wolf, and a reading at the KGB Bar. Looking forward to seeing the city around Christmas time. And relaxing. Definitely relaxing.

Cough, cough.


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  1. また、あなたの風邪引(かぜひ)きさんの季節(きせつ)が、やってきちゃったわね。


    豚肉(ぶたにく)の生姜(しょうが)焼(や)き、茹(ゆ)でインゲン添(ぞ)え? 黒(くろ)ゴマのふりかけご飯?








  2. Your cold’s not big enough for this town. I’ve seen a thousand kids like you with their small town sniffles come to the big city and get used and tossed away like Kleenix tissues.

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