Month: February 2008

  • Making the news

    The reporter from the Chicago Tribune that interviewed me did indeed end up writing a story that made use of a quote from me. However, the version with me quoted in it appears in the Kansas City Star, rather than the version in the Chicago Tribune, where the editor must have clipped it out.

  • Where I’m Writing From

    Greg Van Eekhout is always posting pictures from cafes where he writes, and I always like looking at his blog to see what sort of place the cafe is today, and what sorts of mugs or cups they use to serve coffee. I know, mundane, and yet it fascinates me. Maybe because I don’t write…

  • Just in case

    Been hard at work today on novel revisions, but also I finished reading my first Meg Rosoff book. This one was Just In Case, which I enjoyed thoroughly, except for a couple of things that posed problems for me as a reader. The book is about a boy named David Case, who changes his name…

  • NYT in Youngstown

    As mentioned in a previous entry, the city is populated with politicians and reporters at the moment, which is both interesting and creepy.  On one hand, I think this region is deserving of more attention.  On the other hand, it seems late in the game.  But better late than never?  I dunno.  Maybe. Here’s an…

  • Hello Kitty Hell

    Ever been?

  • Double vision

    I’m in the midst of some final revisions to my next novel, so at the moment I’m sort of seeing double:  the snowy, cold Midwestern winter outside my window, and then something else like this inside. Here’s a less musical and more touristy depiction of Obon.

  • Caught in the middle

    Listen up, Midwesterners. This is all about your future.

  • Sabishii

    After a night spent reading my journal from when I started it back in 2002 up until I came home from Japan in 2006, I can officially say that a.) I’m glad I’m no longer a twenty-something, b.) I’m SO glad I went to Japan and grew the hell up (well, at least a little)…

  • Why are they running around Youngstown and NE Ohio?

    Why are Obama and Clinton running around Youngstown and its surrounding suburbs like it’s the newest thing since, well, whatever–you know that saying. It’s been so strange these recent days leading up to March 4th to see so much attention being paid to this area. Part of me, frankly, wants to give any of these…

  • Excerpt from a letter to a friend

    Something I wrote to a friend today: Like you said, Hilary is a strategist, and it is just so evident.  I agree with you on how the president sets the tone, too, a sort of narrative for the country.  But interestingly enough, yesterday I was listening to NPR and this English man living in America–a…