Singularity’s Ring


I read part of this debut novel of Paul Melko’s at the Blue Heaven Novel Writing Workshop several years ago, and loved it then, lots and lots. If you like hard science fiction with lots of humor and heart, Melko’s Singularity’s Ring is where it’s at. I can’t wait till my copy of the final, finished, pure product arrives at my door.

One response

  1. Haven’t heard of this one and will definitely keep an eye out for it. This “singularity” stuff can really screw with your mind, opens up endless possibilities for worlds and plotlines. Hope your own writing continues to go well. I’ll be loading my novel onto my blog in its entirety the end of March. Can you cay occult-noir-Lovecraftian-thriller with a mouthful of crackers? Neither can I. Keep puttin’ one word ahead of the other, mate…

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