As I said in comments about my writing woes, I’m the sort of writer who gets to the point with a book where it’s beating the hell out of me, but instead of abandoning it, I usually stick around and wrestle with it, like Jacob and the angel, until it says uncle and gives me its blessing.  I think this one has finally caved, but I won’t get so cocky as to think there might not be a rematch before all is finished.

Still, progress is being made.  Phew!






4 responses to “Progress”

  1. Gary Murning Avatar

    Wrestling my books is the only exercise I get! Good luck with it — and if it gets you in a head lock, just give me a shout. I have a few impressive moves left up my sleeve that I’d be happy to share 🙂

  2. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Thanks, Gary! I’ll let you know if it starts winning again. 🙂

  3. ndr Avatar

    fight is life.

  4. steve berman Avatar

    Glad to see things have gotten better.

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