Different powers

When I watch video of Republican speeches since Sarah Palin has been introduced, I can’t help but notice the strange relationship or dynamics that exists between her and the party that has pulled her onstage.  I see Sarah Palin, and this lead or leash, held by the Republican party, walking her around, showing her off, knowing that she is a Democrats worst nightmare–the figure that reminds the average, “ordinary” American of themselves, the kind politicians constantly refer to in their speeches, the figure that the average, “ordinary” American looks at and thinks, “She’s like me, and because of that, I’ll vote for her.”  It is the same figure that won George Bush his elections in part–playing himself off like he’s just another good old boy American, just like you and me, right?

The thing is, no one the Democrats put forth are just like you and me either, but they don’t spend time patronizing us with their idea of who we are as much either.  When Obama picked Biden, he didn’t pick a running mate that spoke to the masses and reflected their character in his own in some way.  He picked someone who he felt would compliment him and perhaps fill out some of the experience and knowledge that he lacks.  McCain, on the other hand, selected someone for her image, not her capabilities, solely for the image she projects just by being herself: the average, “ordinary” American that politicians speak of so often. He did not pick a candidate to compliment his abilities.  He picked a candidate whose very person will magnetize the unaware of this country, and pull them toward her by the sheer power of her similarity to them.

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