Out in the world

Happy Birthday, new book.  It’s been a long time now that I’ve been home from Japan, but when I dip my head back into the pages of this book that I wrote there, it all comes back again.

I’ve heard it noted in the acknowledgements pages of many books, as well as in passing conversation, that writers always forget to thank someone in their books, and while I feel pretty good about the acknowledgements in my first novel, I have found that I’ve forgotten to thank a few really important folks in this second one.  Remembered too late. 

Thank you, Susan Groppi and Karen Meisner, for the most wonderful Christmas package I’ve ever received from anyone.  I’d been missing home by that point for a while, and all the stuff you sent allowed me to pretend I was home for the Christmas season, at least.

And thank you to the Speculative Literature Foundation, who awarded me a travel grant to visit Kyoto for some research on the place for a section of this book.  

I hope a belated thanks here instead will make up for a little bit of my forgetfulness.







9 responses to “Out in the world”

  1. Jason Erik Lundberg Avatar

    Happy Book Day!

  2. Susan Avatar

    Oh, sweetie! Thank you!

    (Also, I am horrible at actually emailing, but I’m going to be very pushy about getting to spend time with you when you’re in New York.)

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  4. Joyce Avatar

    Welcome to the world “The Love We Share Without Knowing”. Hope your life is long and enjoyable to many readers. Congratulations Chris! Love, Mom & Dad

  5. derekmolata Avatar

    Congrats Chris… have a drink to celebrate tonight!

  6. fusakota Avatar

    おめでとう、 オメデトウ、omedetou, congratulations!

    Last night I was at page 169.

    I am walking in the miracle bamboo bush.

  7. ndr Avatar

    good luck for this new book!
    and for all.


  8. Benjamin Rosenbaum Avatar

    Yay yay hooray!

  9. Karen Avatar

    That package was filled with love and xmas spirit, so I’m glad it all came through to you. xo

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