palimpsestcoverCatherynne Valente was the Ytown Reading Series’ first reader back in October, and when she came, she read an excerpt from her newest novel, just releasing today (the 24th, even though I’m typing this on the night of the 23rd).  The audience was wowed by her lush prose, the heat of the sensual elements of this novel, and the strange magic that takes four characters to a place where all their fantasies can be fulfilled or destroyed, depending on how they go about living there.  It’s a novel about desire, and the possibilities of desire, and the complicated forms desire and love take.  I expect it to find a wide readership in the coming months, and I will be among that number.  Take a chance on it.  I think you’ll find it more than worth your while, and more than worth your money.

You can purchase it here.

Or Here.

Or even Here!

Or you could even do that old-fashioned thing where people went to bookstores to get books. Maybe even to an independent bookstore, if you can scrounge one up. 😉

There’s also a great book trailer which you can watch here, which will probably convince you to buy it, even if I haven’t:







4 responses to “Palimpsest”

  1. lucy Avatar

    Book Club suggestion? Sorry I couldn’t come tonight. I’m fighting a head cold. It sounds like I missed a good reading.

  2. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Oh for sure, Book Club suggestion. And you didn’t miss anything tonight, unless I totally blanked on something, too. Do you mean the Ytown Reading Series? That’s next Monday.

    The one you missed was Catherynne’s, back in October. 🙂

  3. Craig Gidney Avatar
    Craig Gidney

    I’m in the middle of the book, and really enjoying it. It’s like Anais Nin on an acid trip filmed by Peter Greenaway.

  4. lucy Avatar

    It was reading series that I though I missed, so good! See you later.

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