Spell Games

Also, along with Palimpsest, you should check out T.A. Pratt’s whole Marla Mason series.  The fourth in the series, Spell Games, was also released today.  Marla Mason kicks more butt than Buffy ever did, and is much cooler, if you ask me.  She also has way more cool magic tricks up her sleeve, and a sidekick who knows how to party.  Check all of these books in this series out, if you’re into urban fantasy with a dash of humor and a lot of adventure, which it seems everyone is into these days…








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  1. Yoshio Avatar

    Ah, I love this series, too, although I don’t care for urban fantasy in general. In this series, magicians are a lot weirder than Jonatahn Strange and Mr. Norrell, who are most memorable geeks in our genre.

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