Spring Break, adult style, no girls gone wild

Over the next week I will write a proposal for the creation of a new course at my university, write a proposal for an independent study course for the second graduate degree I am pursuing, write an essay for the graduate program I am doing while teaching full time, and attempt to write in my third novel as much as possible.  I will also visit the Trumbull campus of Kent State University, again, to talk with a class that is reading my first novel, and then travel to the University of Akron for a thesis defense of a student preparing to graduate from the MFA program of which I am a faculty member.  I will also do copyedits for two stories of mine that will see print in a magazine and an anthology this next year.

This is Spring Break.

It’s not how I remember Spring Break from when I was a student.

Peter Pan knew what was up.  No doubt about it.