Patriot Witching


This post is a little late, as the book I’m about to recommend came out several weeks ago, but I only had a chance to read it just recently, now that I’m no longer running in twenty different directions.  In any case, C.C. Finlay’s The Patriot Witch should go onto your summer reading list.  It’s a fast, fun, historical fantasy set during the American Revolution, and two more volumes are coming out soon, for those readers who like their books to come as a series.  I’m not normally a series fan, but this is one I’ll look forward to continuing on in for a while to come.  The characters are well-drawn, the pacing tight, but the most interesting facet of it for me is the well-developed historical backdrop.  

Take a walk over to one of your favorite online booksellers or to your favorite bookseller in town, and pick this up.

And if you’re not sold yet, take a look at a free PDF of the book by clicking here.







5 responses to “Patriot Witching”

  1. fusakota Avatar

    C.C.Finlayさんって……The Moon Is Always Full のフィンレーさんでしょ?! Real timely!

  2. C. C. Finlay Avatar

    What’s that? I thought the translation for that story had fallen through.

    And thanks, Chris! I’m glad you liked the book.

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      I don’t think the story was translated, Charlie. Fusako takes translation courses, and I believe her instructor had the class read your story in English, then as an exercise try to translate it into Japanese.

      1. C. C. Finlay Avatar

        Ah. Well, that’s even more interesting.

        There was talk of translating that story for a particular anthology that’s coming out this year, but the decision was made to drop it because it’s not really typical of my stories.

        Early in my career, I was all over the place and didn’t have a “typical” story I think. These days I may have found a little more consistency. Or maybe it’s just that I’m writing longer pieces and fewer of them.

        Anyway… cool!

  3. fusakota Avatar

    you, your self?!
    I’m so sorry I must apologize about my last comment, may be like a jigsaw puzzle to you.
    Yes, Chris’s explanation is correct.

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