Best Beer Store in the World

Hello, World.  Did you know a Youngstown area retailer/pub is rated the best beer store in the world?  I didn’t until today, when my friend Peter Oresick sent me this link to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s article about Vintage Estates, which is just over the border of Youngstown in Boardman, one of the suburbs.  I certainly knew that it was one of the best places I’ve been to, but didn’t realize it was top in the world.  It’s a cool place: carryout store on one side, with every beer and wine imaginable, along with other kinds of alcohol like mead and various blends of sake.  The other half is a tasting pub, with some of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten.

So, out of town friends, if you’re around these parts in the future, hit me up.  I’ll take you for a visit.  It’s definitely worth it.

Another recommendation

Over the winter break I had a chance to read more books of my own choosing than I’ve been able to do in a while.  One of them was Ali Shaw’s debut novel, The Girl With Glass Feet.  This novel is a modern fairy tale, set in a faraway land, St. Hauda’s, an icy island that is as remote and strange and wonderful as any fairy tale setting I’ve seen.  The characters are flawed and yet incredibly sympathetic, the plot: how to love in the face of impending death that comes in the form of glass that takes over one character’s body slowly but surely.  There are strange and improbable creatures inhabiting this book, tiny cows the size of butterflies, with wings to match.  It is a book that holds promise for future wonders to come from Mr. Shaw, and I look forward to them.