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Monstrous Alterations

In this new collection from Shirley Jackson Award-winning author Christopher Barzak, discover stories where fairy tales, gothic narratives, and classic monster stories are transformed into new wonders.

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Christopher Barzak is the author of the Crawford Award winning novel, One for Sorrow, which was recently made into the Sundance Feature Film, Jamie Marks is Dead. His second novel, The Love We Share Without Knowing, was a finalist for the Nebula and James Tiptree Awards. His third novel, Wonders of the Invisible World, won the Stonewall Honor Award. He is also the author of Birds and Birthdays, a collection of surrealist fantasy stories, and Before and Afterlives, a collection of supernatural fantasies, which won the Shirley Jackson Award for Best Single-Author Collection. His most recent novel is, The Gone Away Place. He grew up in rural Ohio, has lived in a southern California beach town, the capital of Michigan, and has taught English in suburban and rural communities outside of Tokyo, Japan, where he lived for two years. Currently he teaches fiction writing in the Northeast Ohio MFA program at Youngstown State University.

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