The Beginning Place

Like keeping a bound paper journal, the pages fill up, the spine breaks from all the opening and closing over the weeks, months, or years in some cases, and a new one must be opened.  This is my new online journal for Meditations in an Emergency, and also will serve as my home on the internet from now on.  I’ll be moving information and entries from my other online journals to this site in the future, but it will take a while.  Make yourself at home while I move in, and please don’t mind the mess.






12 responses to “The Beginning Place”

  1. Rick Bowes Avatar
    Rick Bowes

    Frank O’Hara was the handsomest homely person I ever saw.


  2. Graham Avatar

    Shouldn’t we break a bottle of champagne over this new site or something?

  3. Christopher Barzak Avatar
    Christopher Barzak

    Okay, I think it’s ready to go. Commence breaking the bottle(s). 😉

  4. fusakota Avatar

    Enhorabuena mudanza!

    Lo he dicho antes,
    pero digo otra vez,
    Anda, Cristobal!!!


  5. tobias Avatar

    Like the new blog!

  6. Christopher Barzak Avatar
    Christopher Barzak

    Thanks, Toby! I’m really enjoying putting it together.

  7. Beth Avatar

    Yay! to the new site. Kanpai!

  8. Karen M Avatar

    Isn’t wordpress fun to play with? This is a beautiful space, well-suited to you I think. When’s the blogwarming party?

  9. Christopher Barzak Avatar
    Christopher Barzak

    I’m glad you like it, Karen! And yes, wordpress is a ton of fun. It feels like I have a new apartment. I love it. A blogwarming party sounds both appropriate and fun. But…umm…I’m not sure how to throw one. Perhaps we could all arrange for a mutually convenient time to have the blog on our computer screens and drink a glass of champagne? Or even better, people could send me blogwarming gifts, like new bookshelves for my apartment, or a papasan chair, which I think might go well in the corner of my living room. Well, you know, a boy can try. 😉

  10. Christopher Barzak Avatar
    Christopher Barzak

    Beth san, arigatou! Kevin ni yoroshiku, ne!

  11. Jody D. White Leon Avatar

    I Love the Picture!!! I wonder what wonderful person would take such a great picture of you? HMMM????? Smooches jdwl

  12. Christopher Barzak Avatar
    Christopher Barzak

    Hmmm, I wonder what wonderful person that would have been? Hmmm? xoxo.

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