So Fey

So FeyThis coming Fall, in September if I’m remembering correctly, Steve Berman’s anthology “So Fey” will be published.  My story, “Isis in Darkness”, is included in the contents.  All of the stories in the book are faery stories of some sort, although mine isn’t so obvious at first glance.  All of the stories are also “queer” in some way, featuring characters or themes that are gay, lesbian, bi or transgendered–queer, outside the norm.  Some of the authors with stories in the anthology are Richard Bowes, Holly Black, Laurie J. Marks, Kenneth Woods, Eugie Foster, Sarah Monette, and Delia Sherman.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the contributions.

The cover is by Theo Black (author Holly Black’s husband) and I think it’s gorgeous. If you click on the image, it should open to be viewed as a larger version.

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  1. Heh, I’m looking forward to it’s release as well. Hopefully there will be a hardcover book club edition (I’ll make sure every contributor gets a copy of that if it happens).

    And congrats on the sale to Realms of Fantasy!

  2. Thanks, Steve. Boy, word does travel fast around the blogosphere! I only found out I sold that story to Realms of Fantasy several hours ago! 🙂

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