The Night Camera

Deer kissI come from a hunting family, but I somehow did not inherit the gene or personality trait required to have the desire to kill.  I didn’t suffer too much for this deficiency in my family because I did and still do love animals and nature, and love being in the woods.  In any case, my oldest brother has a night camera in my family’s woods.  Over the years, he and my father have become somewhat inclined to shoot photographs instead of bullets, which I think is pretty damned cool.  When I was in Japan and missing the woods I’d grown up playing in, my mom and dad sent me pictures from the night camera of various creatures coming along its path in our woods.  This may sound odd to some people, but they were some of the best things sent to me to remind me of home.  Today I came across one of my oldest brother’s recent pictures from the night camera, and found one that I can’t resist posting.  How can you hunt after you see something as adorable as these creatures?  Well, I suppose you can if you have that inclination.  But, really, soooo cute!  Me?  Unable.  🙂






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    I think that cute things shouldn’t taste good. It’s really obnoxious of them.

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