Books do come true…

One for Sorrow is available for pre-purchase at now.  It is SO weird to have an entry to myself in an online bookstore.  I bet it’ll be even weirder to see the actual book on a store bookshelf at the end of this summer when the book comes out. 

There is even a page for me and the book at Random House’s website. 

Weird, weird, weird.  I still can’t imagine the book being a physical object yet.  Somehow the process of publication is like the process of giving birth, as they say, because something you’ve had inside you for so long takes on a physical being that can be seen and touched and smelled and heard.  And tasted, though I don’t recommend tasting books.  Ick. 

And if you haven’t seen it yet, a draft of the book cover (the final will look very similar to this one) is on this website’s “One for Sorrow” page.  The link is over in the “About” sidebar.  What do you think?

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  1. Yeeeaaah! I’m bouncing up and down in excitement for you! And I like the cover a great deal, very autumnal-midwestern with a delicate ethereal touch. (The figure in the sky is intriguing, although my first reaction was “hey, the artist has drawn too many arms on that floaty dude.”)

  2. Thanks, David and Karen. And nope, that’s right, the novel’s about a boy who acquires a third arm and is looking for a fourth actually. So it’s perfect! 😉 Actually, no, it’s not about third or fourth armed boys. But one that does have some problems with staying in his body from time to time.

  3. That’s so weird, Steve. I was noticing someone else’s book comes out on mine this summer too. I can’t remember now which book that is, though.

  4. Congratz!! You know we are all going to be bothering you non-stop for autographs. My mother is already asking for her signed copy. 😉
    Love ya,

  5. Omedetou!

    Puede hacer la reservacion de este libro a Japon Amazon,
    pero lo mejor,
    los dos libros,
    porque sin porte.
    Buena idea, no?


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