March of the Penguins

PenguinHave you seen “March of the Penguins”? I missed it when it was released.  I was still in Japan.  But I’ve been watching lots of movies that came out in the two years I was gone lately, and tonight I remedied having missed this documentary about the mating life of penguins that it seems so many people were talking about when I got back.  My thoughts upon watching this movie went in this order:

 1. If I were born a penguin, I would pray to be captured and put in a zoo.

2. That’s not a march to mating grounds.  That’s a death march.

3. I’ve watched apocalyptic films that were less bleak than this is.

4. Throw yourself at the seal and let it put you out of your misery.

Then a moment of stunned silence as the credits roll.

7 responses

  1. Not at all. Simply hate to see creatures in pain.

    Incidentally, YSU’s mascot is a penguin. I suppose the connection must be the suffering to live thing. 😉

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