I watched the first few hours of the Oscars last night, and I’m not sure why everyone in the blogosphere has been so critical.  I thought Ellen Degeneres was pretty funny, I liked a lot of the montage sequences for some reason, the shadow people were fun pauses in the show and the sound effects choir was cool.  Of course I hardly ever watch TV, so maybe it was just a feast for my TV deprived senses.  I did think the creative department missed an opportunity with the Best Foreign Language Film award, in which the presenters spoke in English instead of French and Japanese.  The presentations are all scripted, so why didn’t they have this award set up with subtitles in English and have the presenters speak their native languages?  Then they have the Italian guy accept an award that they also knew would be presented, and somehow Clint Eastwood is his translator…umm…it felt odd, especially as Clint wasn’t on with presenting anyway.  I think his presentation was the most garbled I’d ever heard. 

But other than this, before I gave up and called it a night, it was mostly fun to watch, considering I generally don’t turn on the TV for entertainment at all these days (except to watch DVDS, of course).







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