In an e-mail I just wrote to a friend, I describe a story/project thing that I’m working on at the moment, and how it’s challenging me in all sorts of different ways on how I need to structure its narrative and form.  At the end of my description of this somewhat multi-media story I’m creating, I wrote, “It’ll either be genius or a complete and utter ridiculous thing that fails on all levels. LOL.”

I laughed, but it’s true: it’ll either be something a level up in many ways from anything I’ve written before, or it’ll fail.  Whether it works in the end or fails to work, I think I’m learning more from it about storytelling and writing (I think of them as different processes and activities, joined sometimes for the same purpose) than anything else I’ve written before, and that, if nothing else, feels good to me. 

Have any of you writers out there reading this ever written something that required you to reassess how you go about writing a story before?  What was it like for you?  Can you say if it succeeded or failed?  I’d love to hear what others (not just writers, but if you work in another discipline too) have experienced in their more challenging creative endeavors, whether it’s here in the comments or on your own journal.  (Just leave me a trackback so I can come read it, too!)



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  1. saint juancho's Avatar

    Last year I decided to write a noveletta of short stories tied together by one sole concept (that is nothing new I’ll admit) but it proved more challenging in the way I went about it. I wondered : should each story be written in a different style? If so, what “voice” do I want to give the narrator, in what tense do I write it, do I just dive into the story, or should I begin each story with a small introduction based on the concept, etc. In the long run, as it usually happens with writing, the stories took a life of their own and went where they wanted to go. The final manuscript is still not finished of course, but I would say that any creative process, whether successful or not, is a challenge and challenges are always for the better. One takes something from it.

  2. Christopher Barzak Avatar
    Christopher Barzak

    It sounds like an interesting project. Thanks for stopping by and talking about it. And I like your blog too. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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