Yesterday I got the copyedited manuscript of One for Sorrow in the mail.  Today I began going through it, checking everything out, correcting anything that needed correcting, adding/excising, etc.  I’m almost halfway done with it after a few hours, but my head is hurting something fierce, so I’m taking a break for the day and will finish it up this weekend.  But wow, copyeditors are scary and amazing.  Mine has looked up road names to point out “Fisher-Corinth Road” does not have a dash between it, according to official online Ohio resources.  (Even though that’s how it’s spelled on the road sign out here.)  And has caught inconsistencies like when I spelled “Mmm-hmm” with the three m’s on page whatever, and then “Mm-hmm”  with only two m’s in some other  line of dialogue.  I’m very grateful and very very afraid at the same time.  I hope they’re being paid well, copyeditors, because I sure know my brain sifts right through things of this nature and I’m glad someone is there to catch stuff like this.

After I’m done with this, I think my part of making the book is finally over.  What a relief that will be.   Seriously.  I have read this book a gazillion times now.  By the time it comes out, I will probably want to run screaming from the sight of it.  This may make for awkward reading and signing events.

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  1. Good luck, Cat. I’m now officially over the halfway mark (decided to keep going, just can’t stand seeing the damned thing on my desk all tower-like) and my eyes have now gone a bit buggy. So now I really have to stop! It will help to think I’m not alone in copyediting hell. heheh. Hope you’re doing good!

  2. I must be one of the few writers that doesn’t really mind copyediting their own stuff. I really am a perfectionist ONLY with my writing (everything else I don’t think is worth that much of my attention, not worth the headache of it). But I am SO PLEASED you are ‘done’ with it! And I can’t wait to hold the final book in my grubby little paws.

  3. Nope, your part is not done. You still have to go through the page proofs.

    Congrats on getting such a fabulous copyeditor. When they’re bad it’s a nightmare of errors added—a whole world of STET! STET! STET! A good one is better than gold.

  4. Oh dear lord, there’s more? What the hell are page proofs? Check for last minute mistakes on the actual book text?

    Yeah, I think I got lucky with my copyeditor. I’ve done two hundred pages or so now and have only stetted twice. *That* good.

  5. Thanks, Karin! But apparently, according to Justine, I’m not done even after the copyediting. I suppose this is just your average writer learning his ropes in front of you all? Don’t laugh till the curtain has closed, everyone! 😉

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