Interfictions give-away

Small Beer Press is giving away some free copies of the new Interfictions anthology, but the free copies are limited, and here’s the way you get one for free:  reply fast to his post on the Small Beer “Not a Journal” website, review the book online or in print, interview one of the authors in the anthology (I think my schedule is open, ahhh yes, I see it is, I can pencil you in, if this is your chosen manner of acquiring free books), or point Gavin and Kelly at Small Beer Press towards art that you think is interstitial (again, use the comments on their journal for that).

Better yet, go over there yourself and read the post.  The anthology is really beautiful, and there are some incredibly interesting stories in it.  One of the things I love about this anthology is that the editors asked writers to show them what we think of as interstitial fiction, and so really the entire anthology is an opportunity to witness so many variations on the concept of fiction that exists in some way, shape or form in the spaces in between traditional categories of reading protocols and aesthetics.  Not one story is like another, and that is a really good thing for the reader who buys it (or snags one for free). 



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