On my way out

I’m getting ready to head off to NYC for the Nebula Awards ceremony this weekend.  I’m not nervous.  I’m just excited to have been nominated.  That’s a real honor in and of itself.

So this will be my last post for a while, unless I get a chance over the next week while I’m in the city to travel blog.  I’ve made some changes to this website today.  If you look in the sidebar column, you’ll find a section that houses links to my previous journals, as well as a link to my Flickr page.  My friend Graham wanted to see more pictures of Millcreek Park and Youngstown, so I decided it’ll be easier for me to upload to Flickr in the future and can point to it if I upload any pictures of interest.

It’s full spring now, with a hint of summer as it approaches.  I’m happy.

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