Just a little bit

I still am too exhausted to start journaling again, but I’ve uploaded my photos from New York City to my Flickr, which you can find on the sidebar of this page, and I’ve also added two more blurbs (one from Scott Westerfeld, the other from Kelly Link) to my One for Sorrow page, which you can also find on the sidebar in the links under the About section.  Look at pictures, read amazing blurbage.  Actual words from me on the Nebulas and my trip to New York will come later.  I had the most wonderful time though, that much I can say without going into details at the moment.  Now I’ve got to catch up on e-mails, writing, business matters, and catching up with local friends.  Wiscon in a week!  I can’t believe it.  Looking forward to it, despite my recent trip exhaustion.  Make sure to come to the Ratbastard Karaoke Blowout and sing your little hearts out.  Hope to see you there.







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