I am back from Wiscon, have had a full night of sleep, and yet still feel totally exhausted.  How on earth have all of you other con-goers managed to write these lovely con reports and love letters to fellow attendees already?  I feel ready to fall over just typing these words!

So I will write more later, after I return from fixing the headlight that blew out as I started my car last night.  And after I sort through all of the stuff I dumped out of my luggage onto the floor and left there in favor of climbing into my bed.

It was lovely.  One of my favoritest Wiscons in history.  I love that convention like the trees love the wind blowing through them.

More later, soon enough.



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  1. Haddayr Avatar

    It was so great to see you. I agree it was the best one evAR, although next time I am going to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT so I can soak up some yummy Chris goodness and have some actual chatting time.

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