I’m heading out tomorrow morning for Kentucky and then on to North Carolina for the Sycamore Hill Writing Workshop, so I’ll be away from blogging for a while, and if I’m slow to respond to e-mails, it’ll be because I’m high up in the mountains and maybe won’t have consistent internet access.  Also I’ll be reading a lot of fabulous stories and discussing them with eleven other writers, and having fun to boot.  I’ll be back in a week or so.  Everyone have a good mid-June.






3 responses to “Away”

  1. Steve Avatar

    Don’t challenge Holly to a drinking match. She’s got magical powers.

  2. Karen M Avatar

    Have so much fun!

  3. Maureen McQ Avatar

    I expect a report when you get back. I hope you’re barefoot and sitting in a rocker on the porch looking over the valley, shooting the shit, even as I type this. Although you may be having astronaut pie instead.

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