Moving in

I am moved into a new apartment (same building, now on the second floor), which is pretty damned big and cool and well-decorated (thanks to Tony–I’m so not an interior design oriented person).  Pictures of the new place in the flickr box on the sidebar.  Go and admire my new office and bedroom and living room etc!

This week has been really busy, trying to settle into the new place, catching up with my weekly routines, revising the story I took to Sycamore Hill, and beginning to catch up with and spend some time with friends and family before I go gallivanting to New York City for a week next month and totally lose touch with my regular reality for yet another week.  I don’t teach during the summer, yet somehow life feels busier for me now more than ever.

I owe lots of people email, and will be trying to catch up with those real soon.  Hopefully next week won’t be as hurried and harried.  I mean, come on, it’s summer!  I really need to go swimming and to BBQs and picnics real soon, or it’s just not going to feel like summer to me at all.

7 responses

  1. That apartment looks quite saxy indeed…Especially that ginormous bed in your master bedroom…I suppose I should get you kids a house warming memento from the great and wonderful STL. 😀

  2. Looks beautiful, and hopefully roomy enough. I like the combination of that particular blue and gold so much that I have the same shower curtain in my bathroom. Yay, we’re throom buddies!

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