Days go by

Ugh, this is sort of agonizing, waiting waiting waiting for my book to come out.  For months, even after all the work with Bantam was done for putting it together, it was this distant thing in my mind.  But now its presence just keeps looming nearer and nearer.  Rick Bowes told me that every writer becomes neurotic the first time they ever have a book come out.  If I’m typical, then that’s true.  Justine Larbelestier has written a ton of entries in her online journal over the past few years about the beginning of her writing career, and I was always interested in what she was writing about, but right now I’m really thankful to have them to read through and see a lot of the weird emotional bubbling going on inside me at the moment is not that strange an experience, as Rick said.

Nonetheless, I will be glad when the anticipation and constant obsessing goes away. *

*I would normally say that obsessing is something we have to stop on our own, with willpower.  I see now, though, that in cases like this one, willpower is completely useless.

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  1. Mate, it sucks. It takes FOREVER. But it’s also totally fabulous and you should be celebrating every little step on teh way. Though I know you are.

    Congrats! I can’t wait to see it in wild either.

    Glad my ramblings have helped.

  2. I suppose I could offer some advice on means you could distract yourself. One method, channeling frustration into publicity and marketing is also a constant reminder of the impending release, so that may only cause more anxiety. How about misery (as well as sympathy) loves company and there are many of us who are awaiting the book in our mailbox or local store with much anticipation? Or finally, the call of the bread-and-circus masses. The last story from you I read was a reprint! For shame, Chris. I’m jonesing for my fix of Barzakian lit. C’mon and write something so the tracks on my screen are filled with your lines. Methedone will barely keep me until the 28th.

  3. I did indeed celebrate a little bit last night out of getting tired of waiting to celebrate in high fashion, Justine. And yet I think I celebrated a little too much last night anyway. 😉

    And you are very nice, Steve. Be careful with that methedone!

  4. nani wo fuan ni naru koto ga aruno?

    anata niwa 16-sai no nekkyouteki na dokusha ga iru jyanai?

    Midori-san wa nannte itta?

    watashi mo hayaku yomitai wayo!

    Midori-san no bio wo yonde wakatta koto ga aru.

    sore wa ” rui wa tomo wo yobu” tte koto.

    onaji shurui no hitobito ga atumaru.

    doko ni?

    Under the tree of ONE FOR SORROW.

  5. I believe that what I said was, “Every writer goes insane the first time he or she has a book come out.” Neurosis doesn’t begin to touch it.


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