Twas the night before…

Just off to bed. Tomorrow the book releases. My car broke down. But tomorrow my book releases. So all is really really good. Off it goes into the world. Although apparently it’s already arrived at Japan’s doorsteps, according my Japanese mom Fusako, and in London bookshops, according to my friend Graham. Really, I’m still somehow a little bit not believing any of this. I recorded a half hour radio interview today, and tomorrow I’m on a local television station for a half hour talk about my book. Book party on Saturday. I can’t wait. I saw some of the art that local artists have made for it today, and it was one of the most emotionally fulfilling experiences to see art people made because of something I wrote. I had no clue publishing a novel could be as cool as this. Why didn’t anyone tell me!

And to top the night off, I ran across this really cool reading group guide and list of discussion questions for the book on Bantam’s site. Again, the disbelief thing. Never in a million would have thought there’d be a reading group guide about something I wrote. Life is really great in the weirdest ways.



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4 responses to “Twas the night before…”

  1. Susan Groppi Avatar

    Yay book! Matt says he’s bringing me home a copy from work–their shipment came in today.

  2. Jason Erik Lundberg Avatar

    Yay book! I’m not sure it’s in Singapore yet, but I’ll be on the lookout. And will blogpimp this in a mo’.

  3. Steve Nagy Avatar

    Congrats. 🙂

  4. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    In a rush off to teach now, but thanks guys!

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