Blood Engines

Because I have not visited my own bookstore yet today, I do not have my own picture to post of T.A. Pratt’s new novel, Blood Engines, which released today, and so I have stolen Greg Van Eekhout’s instead.  Apologies, Greg.  You can steal a photo of mine in the future, ok?  I had the chance to read this novel in its first draft and offer Tim lame suggestions for revision (lame because it was already pretty finished, if you ask me).  It’s the birth of a new star.  All you Anita Blake fans, make way for Marla Mason.






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  1. Tim Pratt Avatar
    Tim Pratt

    Thanks, Chris! Your suggestions weren’t lame at all. You’re even mentioned in the acknowledgments!

  2. Greg van Eekhout Avatar

    Oh, I will steal a photo of yours in the future, Mr. Barzak. And it won’t be to celebrate a friend’s book launch, either, oh, no, it won’t. You’ll rue the day!

  3. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    I’m glad I was of any help at all, Tim! I love that cover, too. It’s awesome, and so right.

    And Greg, all I can say is, eek!

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