Quote of the Day

A really awesome quote from Equus, forwarded to me by Neal, one of the students in my workshop group at Imagination in Cleveland this summer. I love it. Thanks for sending it, Neal!

“I wish there was one person in my life I could show. One instinctive, absolutely unbrisk person I could take to Greece, and stand in front of certain shrines and sacred streams and say, ‘Look! Life is only comprehensible through a thousand local Gods.’ And not just old dead ones with names like Zeus – no, but living Geniuses of Place and Person! And not just Greece but modern England! Spirits of certain trees, certain curves of brick wall, certain chip shops, if you like, and slate roofs – just as of certain frowns in people and slouches … I’d say to them – ‘Worship as many as you can see, and more will appear!’”






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