Winter Blog Blast

Today Ms. Bond over at Shaken and Stirred posted an interview with me for the Winter Blog Blast, and tomorrow Colleen Mondor will be doing the same at her blog Chasing Ray.

I’ve been doing so many interviews lately, I’m not sure if I’m repeating myself or dreaming of answering questions, or what.  Today I wrote responses to an interview for a website in France, and then, in a moment of confusion, deleted the answers, somehow thinking that I had emailed them to my interviewer.  When I realized what I’d done (six hours later) I ran up to my office at the university and turned on the computer, hoping to find the deleted file in the computer’s recycle bin.  It was empty.  Apparently the university computers are set to empty contents daily.  Now when I rewrite those answers tomorrow my sense of deja vu will be even more pronounced.

Sweet dreams.  And see you at Chasing Ray tomorrow.




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