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  1. すごく綺麗(きれい)で、

    しかも、ほんとのほんとに HOME って感(かん)じ!


  2. Yes, the place is definitely full of light, thanks to the windows *everywhere*. I’ll put more up as the rooms gets done. The kitchen is almost there. Then the dining room. I suppose I could take a picture of my office; I don’t consider it done but it’s how it’s going to be for a while. And I’m glad to hear you’ll be a visitor some day, okaasan!

  3. 隠(かく)れた写真(しゃしん)、見落(みお)としてた。



    札幌(さっぽろ)のHotel Fusakotaにも来(き)てほしかったわ。

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