Just a little change

Since I’m rearranging stuff in my house, making it how I want to live in it for a while, I thought I’d make some changes on this website too.  I think I like the look of this one for now, but leave the option open to change however many times I like in the future.  I wish I knew how to build websites.  But if I could, I would probably stop writing and just start designing websites, because it seems like an awfully fun thing to do too.

I ate far too much for Thanksgiving, but it was so, so, so good.  Now I have to figure out how to get my self-discipline back.  Did anyone see where I left it?

Not an invitation for smart-ass comments (that includes you, too, Bowes.) 😉







5 responses to “Just a little change”

  1. Tyler Avatar

    You’re right. Designing websites is pretty cool. But I’ll happily trade with you. You do websites, I’ll write.

  2. Karin Avatar

    Designing websites is fun but very time consuming. I’m not even doing the main stuff on mine and it’s complicated. Stick to writing, much more fun!

    I think I tried to steal your self discipline…

  3. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Tyler, maybe we can propose a reality tv show called “Career Swapping”.

    I’ll have to be more careful where I lay my self-discipline down next time, I see, Karin. 😉

  4. cryitout Avatar

    Hey there,

    Try Izzymom.com — she redesigned my web site. Very reasonable and very good. You will love her.


  5. Rick Bowes Avatar
    Rick Bowes

    I saw it under that super sized bag of Doritos.


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