Autumn and Early Winter in my hood

Fall didn’t last nearly long enough, if you ask me. I love these colors, and miss them already.

This little guy was living in my attic. I chased him out and had words with him one day while he clung to the side of my house and barked at me. Apparently I had invaded *his* place.
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Finally the Christmas tree and lights are up. More and more gingerbready everyday.



4 responses

  1. なんて美(うつく)しい風景(ふうけい)でしょう!






    Bon Voyage!

  2. Oh, Chris, this makes me miss the midwest! Autumn was always my favorite time of year and seeing these pictures reminds me that the few trees that turn out here in CA do not really make up a true autumn. And your house is just gorgeous and so tastefully, beautifully decorated! Thanks for posting these. Happy holidays!

  3. Autumn is my favorite time of year here, too, Heather! When I lived in Southern CA I was truly homesick for the colors of autumn in the midwest. It just wasn’t the same by the ocean. Glad you like the house! The decorations are all due to Tony, though. 🙂 Happy Holidays to you and Tim and River too! (I just got the announcement, and he’s gorgeous!)

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