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Greg Van Eekhout is always posting pictures from cafes where he writes, and I always like looking at his blog to see what sort of place the cafe is today, and what sorts of mugs or cups they use to serve coffee. I know, mundane, and yet it fascinates me. Maybe because I don’t write outside of my home very often. For me it’s too distracting. I end up people-watching, and drinking too much coffee, and buying one too many cookies, and…and…and…

So it’s better for me to stay at home and write, and live vicariously through Greg’s photo travelogue.

But here is basically what I see every day at my writing desk.


And this is what it looks like outside the window today.


And lately this is a new addition to my writing desk, until I shoo them out and shut the door.


Totally non-exciting, but it’s where I work.







8 responses to “Where I’m Writing From”

  1. Steve Nagy Avatar

    My wife said there was a lot of snow on the ground out there. She’s visiting family in Austintown while she and the youngest daughter are on winter break from school.

    One of these days I wish the groundhog would toss winter and welcome spring. 🙂

  2. Greg van Eekhout Avatar

    I so totally need a kitten.

  3. Mallory Avatar

    OMG that’s is so like a huge snobby monitor…

    I want it….

    gimmme gimmme – to hell with the cat, I have cats….gimme the monitor…

  4. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Everyone needs a kitten, Greg. Except people who are allergic to cats. But even *they* need kittens. They can’t help that they’re born that way.

    Mallory, as soon as I get the second half of my pay for my second novel, I’m going to buy a new laptop, and if you *really* want the huge snobby monitor laptop, I will sell it to you. I bought it before I went to Japan, so I could pretend like I was watching the DVDs I brought with me on something similar to a normal TV screen. 😉

  5. sdn Avatar

    yay kitten!

    my totoro lives on top of my fridge. i smile every day when i get milk. THANK YOU CHRIS

  6. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Yay kitten, indeed! They are awesome creatures. I’m glad totoro is still bringing you smiles! I think on top of a fridge is a perfect place for him. Wherever you can see him soon after waking–that’s the plan for me too. 🙂

  7. Derek Avatar

    Thanks for the pics. I always enjoy seeing the haunts of other writers. Which reminds me, I should do the same and post some pics of my writing area… after I finish fixing up the office. 😉

  8. Virginie Avatar

    Hey isn’t that totoro?

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