I’m back from Florida, which was wonderful. It was both weird and wonderful to be applauded and go up on a stage and give a little acceptance speech for an award for my writing, and I’m still tingly from the whole feeling.

This week, however, has been very busy for me, and I had to hit the ground running. I gave a talk and a reading at the Friends of the Library meeting on Wednesday, and answered lots of questions they had about writing and publishing. Then on Thursday I was on campus from 8-5 for an all-day interview for a full-time fiction writing instructor position, talking with deans and directors and giving a thirty minute presentation to the English department faculty. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but somehow also fun to have a half hour to talk about various topics related to writing and reading and teaching. A long day, in other words, exhausting on a certain level, but it also flew by pretty quickly.

Just received notice that One for Sorrow is in the Elite Eight competition over at the Fantasy Bookspot site. They’ve matched my book up with Ted Chiang’s Merchant at the Alchemist’s Gate. After just spending several days in Orlando with Ted, it feels weird to see readers duking it out over which they liked better, but it’s also cool to see people interested in books to this degree.

Lots still left to catch up on in the wake of my very busy past two weeks, so more later. I feel spring coming, and am going outside to get some fresh air.



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