The near future

This weekend I’ll be reading with Cat Valente at Suspect Thoughts Books at 4903 Clarke Avenue in Cleveland.  Looking forward to a trip up there.  If you’re around the area, stop in and say hi.

On Saturday, April 26th at 3 PM, I’ll be hanging out at Barnes and Noble in Boardman, Ohio with poets, Philip Brady, William Greenway and Nin Andrews.  These are three of our local poets here in Youngstown, two of which teach at YSU in the English department, all of which are fabulous wordsmiths.  Come buy a book of their poetry, have it signed, take their words home and read curled up with coffee, tea or whiskey, or some combination of the above.

I’ll also be in Columbus for the Ohioana Book Festival on May 10th. I get to meet the governor or his wife, or both maybe?  And to go to the governor’s mansion.  I get to bring one person with me.  I wish it were two, but maybe I’ll have to somehow get myself invited again in the future so I can bring various people I know and love who would like to say they have been a guest at the governor’s mansion in Ohio.  (“And all because of my son the novelist,” would be how my mother would finish that statement, as she rides around town on the back of a convertible speaking through a megaphone.)

And then of course at the end of May I’ll be at Wiscon, hosting the karaoke party and getting my groove on (at least on Friday night.)



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5 responses to “The near future”

  1. steve berman Avatar

    Say hi for me to Greg & Ian at ST Books.

  2. fivehusbands Avatar

    Let’s hear it for Mom’s with microphones!

  3. Joyce Avatar

    Woohoo for mom’s and how proud they all are of what their kids do in life, from learning to walk to writing a novel ! And yes if I am the lucky one I will bring a megaphone,wave to the Columbus onlookers,wearing a flashy outfit with shoes to match. Love ya, Mom

    Additionally, I will have copies of One for Sorrow gently tossing them to the crowd! 🙂

  4. fusakota Avatar

    Mom is Always Great!

  5. brookie Avatar

    uh, if you’re going to the governor’s mansion make sure you tout the oakland. in fact, let me prepare a file of our accomplishments that you can leisurely leave in the bathroom for some light reading material….WINK

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