A peek at the Stage

I’m always writing about The Stage when we have one here in Ytown, about once a month, under the wild and wonky lead and people-exciting power of my friend Brooke, and my friend Karen always loves the posters and publicity images Steven Andrew is making for the Stage, but here are some lovely photos from our latest show, taken by local photographer Jaci Clark. I think they capture the spirit of the Stage and what it is we’re, in part, doing there: opening up a place and a space for the people of this area to share whatever it is they do with others, be it art, dance, song, story, poetry, comedy, monologues, skits, movies and, well, in these particular photos, how one girl transforms herself into a drag queen over the course of the evening. Quite a feat, and quite a transformation. Ah, Brookey, always going where no one else will go.

Here’s a pic of me, watching from the sidelines. Go see the rest as well as the cool slide show at Jaci’s place by clicking here.






3 responses to “A peek at the Stage”

  1. Lucy Avatar

    What a mesmerizing photo. She’s captured you–absolutely captured you. The rest of the show is cool too, but this one stands out.

  2. Karen Avatar

    If she’s making prints, I think you should get ahold of that picture in 8×10. It’s beautifully shot, and the image feels to me like it’s evoking something about this time in your life that you’ll want to remember.

  3. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    I really like it, too. That’s good advice, too, Karen. I’ll have to get a print of this. And this does feel like a particularly special part of my life right now.

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