This video is from Logo, an MTV owned televison station programmed for the GLBT community. All I can say is that it’s about six minutes long, and you have to “wait for it” till about the last one or two minutes for the really interesting part. (The famous transexual Amanda Lepore is hilarious and weird, but the really interesting part comes late in this little clip). Watch it, then afterward go here and vote.







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  1. fivehusbands Avatar

    Logo has fabulous programming – it is must watch tv.

  2. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    If I had cable, I’d tune in. Unfortunately, I don’t!

  3. Graham Avatar

    So, we should vote; but any preference about who we should vote for…?

  4. Karen Avatar

    Nice!! (I love that your name came right after the presenters announced they don’t read)

  5. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Vote for whomever, Graham. No preference here. 😉

    Karen, I know–I was laughing my butt off when they did that shtick. It seemed entirely appropriate!

  6. Heather Shaw Avatar

    Oh no, I’m getting a 404 not found message when I click on it! Is it lost, lost forever or just moved?

    I did go to LogoTV to try to find what you were linking to, and instead found some old Madonna videos, a cool dyke music video, and a clip about a father accepting his FTM son which made me cry. An awesome website, thanks for pointing it out!

  7. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Oh, that’s weird, Heather. Did you try to go there from an RSS feed? Cause I just changed the links this morning when I found better ones. If that’s the case, try it out again. I just did, and it took me to the right pages. 🙂

  8. lucy Avatar

    Just watched the video–the not reading bit was funny, but I was laughing harder at the nominated “destinations.”

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