Wow, it’s summer finally. I have a house-guest and am traveling around home places this week, and at work on copyedits on The Love We Share Without Knowing. On Sunday, my guest returns to the fabled land of New York City, and summer will be in full bloom. What will I do with all the time summer always brings with it? It’s the season that always reminds me of childhood the most, the long stretch of a hot day, how to fill it? For me, I aim to be writing heaps this summer, every day if possible, at least a little something, and perhaps, just maybe, I’ll have the draft of my third novel done by autumn. Other than that, my other summer plans include lounging in the sun, swimming, bike riding round town, house restoring and festival-going. Maybe a side trip to visit friends in other states at some point. The long stretch is before us, looking endless, but I imagine this particular horizon will meet us quicker than I’d like.






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  1. Karen Avatar

    We really should try for a weekend at Kristin & Alan’s cabin together.

  2. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    I really hope we can too!!

  3. Kris Avatar

    Welcome back from Wisconsin! Your summer sounds lovely. I always associate summertime with childhood too. I love the way kids look and smell in the summertime–messy hair, dirty knees, popsicle stains, sunscreen–I think they’re at their most beautiful in the prolonged state of play.

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