Things I’ve been doing lately

1. Copyediting the final manuscript for The Love We Share Without Knowing.

2. Getting a local writer’s group up and running.

3. Getting a local book club up and running at the Oakland Center for the Arts. (Want to join?  E-mail me!)

4. Working out again, finally!

5. Getting a story ready to submit to a magazine.

6. Writing a story solicited by another magazine.

7. Landscaping.  I like the results better than the efforts, which is probably true of many projects.

8. Scaring cats out of my office while I try to work.

9. Eating Japanese food.  I recently found a really good Asian market nearby-ish.  Yay!

10. Attempting to catch up on my very full e-mail inbox.  If I owe you one, sorry!  I’m working as fast as I can!

4 responses

  1. 3. vs 10.
    If I e-mailed you, probably you’d not answer. So…
    Well, however, I’m in Italy.
    14 pages to the end.
    I love Gracie, and this is a trouble, because she’s too young.

    to be continued…

  2. Okaasan, all kinds of food can be bought there. I’ll tell you in an e-mail, which I’ll write to you very soon!

    ndr, I hope you like the end! Gracie is certainly someone who I hear a lot of people love, regardless of age. 😉

  3. 😉
    I like your attention to the words, in the book. words become little stones, words seen as concrete objects. There are many interesting things, details.
    Adam (and Tia explains…)…Gracie-Grace…Lucy…pher…Marks…Andy, who’s the first to see Adam when come back (and Andrea is the first who sees Jesus, and go to call Simon-Peter…) don’t know if it’s right.
    thank you Christopher.

    Andrea Brancolini

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