Things I’ve been doing lately

1. Copyediting the final manuscript for The Love We Share Without Knowing.

2. Getting a local writer’s group up and running.

3. Getting a local book club up and running at the Oakland Center for the Arts. (Want to join?  E-mail me!)

4. Working out again, finally!

5. Getting a story ready to submit to a magazine.

6. Writing a story solicited by another magazine.

7. Landscaping.  I like the results better than the efforts, which is probably true of many projects.

8. Scaring cats out of my office while I try to work.

9. Eating Japanese food.  I recently found a really good Asian market nearby-ish.  Yay!

10. Attempting to catch up on my very full e-mail inbox.  If I owe you one, sorry!  I’m working as fast as I can!




4 responses to “Things I’ve been doing lately”

  1. fusakota Avatar

    About No.9

    What kind of food can you buy there?

    And No.10,

    I’m waiting.

  2. ndr Avatar

    3. vs 10.
    If I e-mailed you, probably you’d not answer. So…
    Well, however, I’m in Italy.
    14 pages to the end.
    I love Gracie, and this is a trouble, because she’s too young.

    to be continued…

  3. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Okaasan, all kinds of food can be bought there. I’ll tell you in an e-mail, which I’ll write to you very soon!

    ndr, I hope you like the end! Gracie is certainly someone who I hear a lot of people love, regardless of age. 😉

  4. ndr Avatar

    I like your attention to the words, in the book. words become little stones, words seen as concrete objects. There are many interesting things, details.
    Adam (and Tia explains…)…Gracie-Grace…Lucy…pher…Marks…Andy, who’s the first to see Adam when come back (and Andrea is the first who sees Jesus, and go to call Simon-Peter…) don’t know if it’s right.
    thank you Christopher.

    Andrea Brancolini

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