The Sun Inside

I’ve mentioned it once here before heading off to Wiscon, but I’m mentioning it again. Rabid Transit Press, a small collective that is made up of myself, Alan DeNiro, and Kristin Livdahl, have begun a new publishing endeavor that we’re calling our Electrum Novellas line. The novella is a narrative form that doesn’t get much play these days, seeing how they take up too much advertising space in magazines, and take too long to read in online magazines, and are often too short for book length publication because of reader fascination with novel-length stories. For me, a story is a story, but each form of story–short, novelette, novella, and novel–do different things, emphasize different aspects of narrative, and since we’re fans of narratives that come in all shapes and sizes and genres, we decided we’d start packaging novellas for like-minded readers to enjoy, since they’re hard to find these days.

Our first novella is called “The Sun Inside” by David J. Schwartz. David’s first novel, Superpowers, is due out in just four days here in the U.S., and was released a couple of days ago in the U.K. I’ve been reading David’s short stories for several years now–we published one of them when Rabid Transit Press (formerly Velocity Press in those days) were publishing the Rabid Transit anthologies of short stories by new writers with voices and visions that didn’t necessarily fit in the genre magazines nor in the mainstream, literary markets. Writers who ransacked various genres for whatever they found useful to tell their stories, and made something new out of it all.

That’s basically the sort of story we’re still looking for these days, though now we’re looking for them at the novella length. Our guidelines can be found by clicking here, and our first novella can be purchased by going to this website and exchanging cash for story via PayPal. Support the novella by buying one and making it that much easier for us to bring you another one. Support David by buying a copy of both “The Sun Inside” and then go over to or wherever it is you buy your books, online or in person, and buy his new novel, Superpowers. You won’t regret putting your money down for either one of them. He’s a smart, fascinating storyteller who can wind pop culture, politics, and the intimate lives of his characters into wild adventurous narratives that are always satisfying.

On top of a great novella, you get great cover art by Youngstown’s own Steven Andrew, who I think should be making covers for the big leagues, if anyone out there happens to be listening!



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